Adansi Travels Donates Relief Items To Aid Flood Victims In The Volta Region

Adansi Travels, Ghana’s foremost travel and tour company, donated relief items to support flood victims in the Volta Region yesterday, 10th November 2024.

The heartfelt initiative goes to demonstrate their unyielding commitment to social responsibility and community support.

Adansi Travels’ was distinctive in their approach. Before the donation, they creatively engaged the general public, encouraging individuals from all walks of life to join their cause.

On the day, a delegation from Adansi Travels, led by their General Manager, Johnson Yaw Chucks and staff made the journey from Accra to the affected areas: Mepe and Sokpoe to do separate donations.

The General Manager, Johnson Yaw Chucks, in a heartfelt speech at the donation event, expressed deep sympathy for the flood victims. He remarked, “The scenes we saw on TV moved us to reach deep into our coffers to come to the aid of our affected brothers and sisters.” His words reflected the genuine compassion behind the company’s actions.

He went on to say, “Just like other well-meaning Ghanaians, we are here to support, and we hope this goes a long way to alleviate your plight.”

The Chiefs, acting on behalf of the flood-affected communities, extended their profound gratitude to AdansiTravels for their generosity. They pledged to ensure that the donated items, which included food, clothing, toiletries, and other provisions, would be distributed to those in need and used effectively.