Jupitar – War (Stonebwoy Diss) (Lyrics)

Jupitar – War (Prod. by Brainy Beatz)

Prayer prayer pray !!!!
Say a prayer .
Warrrrrr I see warrr in di Airr
Dem Dead

Verse 1
Dirty Corner stone, your daddy na tell you
Seh mana “JASON” ina dancehall
A mi own this
Watch mi style and mi tactics
Mana General you no see a we have the basics
Your tyn a no real, nuff patches, scratches
Like a patient with hepatitis
Killing dem in a crisis, physic vibes dem hot and a shut down devices
Dema say mana so underrated
A lie dat, mi multitalented
If a no fi me none a dem cyan do road fi buss up and get elevated
You shoulda never start what you cyan finish
Ugly likkle dirty bwoy you so childish
Seeit deh, him a yob seh him far gone
Thief “a bwoy ” slogan we all know you selfish.
How you mean you break record
Dat a no ina my field,
Cos I’m di man of di match
A we play and dem watch
Spectator, you know you ano player

Warrrr, I see warr in di airrrr
Warrrr, I see warrr in di airr
Prayer, prayer

Verse 2
A weh di booomboclaat gwan wid dem yut yah
Mi a di present di past and di future
Nona dem trespass my lane
You mussi insane
Mi like di God, I Reing
Cannot play with a lion tale
And “get a scot-free
Mana badman a no fairy tale
Bwoy you cannot see?
You na fi mek nobody fool yah
True you make a likkle mark
Bout never let that deceive yah
Trust in God and a no woobea
why yuh sellout your friend
And sellout your chargie Dem
Muss respect di father dem, elder dem
Know when to fight again
Never yuh fi try dis move again
Yuh know mi na take it likely when yuh call mi name
So tell em do truth
Tell em bout di snitching
We all know you faking
Tell em yuh nah like it, when a man mek progress your blood just a boil yuh nuh
Cos a you alone deserve the glory
You alone have Good story
Jah na sleep, jah nah sleep
Work we a work we na have tym fi worry nuh

(Repeat. Chorus)

Dem seh dem a your friend
Dem seh dem a your friend
Bot a lie dema telll
Dem seh dem a your friend
Dem seh dem a your friend
Bout dema stab you ina di dark
Cut off dem ego
Cut off Dem pride
Man ready fi
Cut off dem ego
Cut off dem pride
A di General