Afro Fusion,Afro Soul,Songwriter,Producer A.N.N.A Set To Release ‘MAGIC EP’ And A Featured Compilation EP

This February 2024 talented Afro Fusion, Afro Soul singer/songwriter and producer ANNA is in Ghana all month promoting her EP MAGIC RELEASE DATE 09.02.2024 as well as compilation EP OUT OF YOUR HEAD- ALSO OUT 02.2024 ON WHICH SHE IS HEAVILY FEATURED.

No small task. Anna will be in Ghana promoting not one but two projects. Anna Who has been residing in Ghana many months out of the year for many years now completed her EP MAGIC that she started working on in Ghana early last year in Berlin & is now traveling back home to Ghana to promote her latest MAGIC.

A.N.N.A, originally born in Ghana first moved to Europe Netherlands @ age 4 but over the last 10 years she has been splitting her time between Europe & the African continent. Her musical journey began in the Netherlands at the young age of 14. Her debut single, “Don’t You Even Try,” created with her girl band Natural Impact in 1997, catapulted her into the music scene and established her as a formidable force.

For the past decade, A.N.N.A has immersed herself in creative collaborations in Ghana, embracing the influences of Afrobeat, Ampiano, and Afropiano sounds. With several EPs under her belt, A.N.N.A is now ready to unveil her debut EP in February 2024 titled ‘MAGIC EP’, showcasing her unique sound born from her roots and enhanced by collaborations with industry giants.

A.N.N.A’s personal and musical journey is shared openly on social media, allowing her to connect deeply with her fans. While working on her upcoming release she collaborated with top-notch producers such as M.O.G Beatz and for EP out of your head she teamed up with producer Kwabena Blakk, For EP MAGIC A.N.N.A is making her debut as a producer. Known for effortlessly captivating her audience, A.N.N.A’s magic lies in her ability to create enchanting music.

Her first release, “Say You Feel the Same,” written and produced entirely by A.N.N.A, sets the tone for her upcoming EP/LP. The music video, directed by A.N.N.A herself, was shot between Ghana and her home studio in Berlin.

A.N.N.A’s inspiration stems from her deep connection with her roots, particularly after moving back to Ghana in 2008. Through self-reflection and building a genuine relationship with the Creator, Anna found that her songs often revolve around love & Higher vibrations.

The upcoming songs on her MAGIC EP are authentic expressions of herself and feature Afrobeat, Dancehall, Afro Dancehall vibes in short, Afro-Fusion Afro-Soul. Each song carries a positive, light, and uplifting mood that brightens the spirit of the listener.

In addition to her prowess as a singer and songwriter, A.N.N.A also possesses skills and experience in film, television, advertising, and social media. She has worked as a vocal coach and backing vocalist for Jaenette Biedermann & other major Artists in Europe & is well seasoned in tour-life which shows in her live performances.

Through her diverse musical background and personal journey, Anna A. Reynolds continues to make waves in the music industry, showcasing her talent, authenticity, and passion for creating meaningful music.