DJ Lord OTB’s Tomorrowland-Inspired Set Wows Accravaganza Crowd

On September 30th, renowned Ghanaian disc jockey, DJ Lord OTB, displayed his extraordinary talent and exciting stage presence during the inaugural edition of Guinness’ Accravaganza festival. The event featured a wonderful blend of art, music, and sports, attracting a broad number of fans. As the festival’s official DJ, DJ Lord OTB took center stage and proved why he is regarded as one of Ghana’s top DJs. He expertly navigated several music genres throughout the night, sending the audience on a musical trip that crossed boundaries.

From contagious Afrobeats beats to throbbing Dancehall vibes, silky Hip-Hop beats to energizing Electronic Dance Music (EDM) sounds, DJ Lord OTB showed off his variety and capacity to engage the audience. The magic truly emerged during his EDM set, which was reminiscent of the exhilarating atmosphere of Tomorrowland. Even though there was a brief drizzle, DJ Lord OTB’s EDM selection kept the party going and the ravers dancing. Despite the rain, the throng swayed to the seductive beats, retaining their spots. DJ Lord OTB’s performance was distinguished by his perseverance and passion to music. DJ Lord OTB’s set was complemented by Kojo Manuel’s imposing stage presence, resulting in a dynamic synergy that left an unforgettable impact on the Guinness Accravaganza festival. They worked together to make the event a spectacular night of music and entertainment.


Source by:
DC Leakers