Fready Unveils His Latest Single ‘Never Broke Again'”

“Fready, a versatile Afro-influenced artist, boasts a diverse musical background, from creating album artwork to freestyling and engaging in music projects. His music is deeply rooted in a unique ‘Nzema’ theme, fusing various Afro-genres with a strong West-African influence. Tracks like ‘Nana Nyamenle’ exude a calming Afro-beat vibe, while songs like ‘GO GA GA’ embrace an energetic Afro-drill style.

His experiences of living between Ghana and the UK enrich his music with a fusion of these cultures, incorporating pidgin, UK slang, and Ghanaian words into his songs, making them resonate with the Ghanaian diaspora.

Fready’s versatility shines through his collaborations with artists from diverse backgrounds, including Indian and Ghanaian talents. Whether crafting melodic tunes or delivering hard-hitting 808s, he leaves his indelible mark on every song.

Fready is open to collaborations, as long as the end result is beautiful and feels right.