Israel Maweta Enlists 8 Songs For “Amenuveve” Album, Drops January 5, 2024

Israel Maweta takes the big leap with his much-anticipated new album he titles “Amenuveve”, and Ewe parlance which means “Grace”.

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After officially breaking the news to his fans on social media a little over a week ago, Israel Maweta has hinted that the upcoming Album “defines a new chapter of his life. After going through many hurdles, trials and tribulations for the past few years, I think it’s time to feed more of me to my Big Family who have been with me over 2 decades and of course, my newly created home on social media for the online followers.

“Amenuveve” is an 8-tracked Album by the Iconic Musician set about various themes within the Gospel circles. With detailed information on the producers and song titles, Israel Maweta is tight-lipped on those now but says he will drop more intriguing details in the next couple of days. For now, he just wants to share some promotional images with his Fans across the world and also share the pre-order link for the album as he gets ready to serenade them.

About Israel Maweta:

With over 18 Studio Albums under his belt and a music career spanning over 25 years and still counting, Israel Maweta, has enviably carved a unique niche for himself as a very iconic music stalwart, in both Gospel Music and African Traditional Sounds – a style that is very rare on the Ghanaian music market. His style of music is always positive driven with Godly messages and teachings that influence society through the power of lyrics, rhythm and melody.

Israel is not just a flawless Songwriter but is also a Music Composer and Producer, of which almost all his Albums were produced by him. Anyone who watches him perform for the first time automatically transforms into a chronic fan of his music.

Many who know his exploits tip him as ‘Volta Region’s Music Library’ – effortlessly, Israel Maweta has showed extreme mastery through his successive Albums and Singles exploring various indigenous AND Urban Sounds like Borborbor, Agbadza, Kinka, Gospel, Zibo, Asafo Music, Zigi, Reggae, Appellations (Spoken Word), Afrobeats, just to name a few.

Israel Maweta has won ‘Traditional Song of the Year’ at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (2003) with his hit single ‘Akume He’. He is a well-known Musician within Volta Region and beyond, and even in the diaspora, when it comes to indigenous music genres.

Top songs he is mostly identified with are “Mehaya”, “Woe Woe”, “Key Soap”, “Manor Amesi”, “Netuwo Di Ha”, “Meadewo Fe Dume”, “Ku Ne Madi”, “Edzobibi”, “No Zidodoe”, “Edrorlali”, just to name a few.

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