Meet Prophet Eric Mettle – A Spiritual Guide From Odumase Krobo

Prophet Eric Mettle, also known as Dolapo One, was born in Odumase Krobo and founded the Glory Light and Deliverance Ministry, located at the Accra Sports Stadium forecourt opposite the filling station.

His spiritual journey started early in life, guiding and supporting others through heartfelt prayers and valuable lessons.

Prophet Eric Mettle isn’t just a spiritual leader; he’s a person with diverse interests, going beyond what you might expect.

Facing challenges, he stays strong, setting an example of resilience and unwavering commitment to his beliefs.

Known for his teachings, Prophet Eric Mettle has impacted many lives with profound wisdom, becoming a positive influence in the spiritual community.

His story reflects personal growth and unwavering faith, showing a journey marked by dedication and wisdom.

Looking ahead, Prophet Eric Mettle dreams of inspiring and guiding others on their spiritual journeys.

His biography isn’t just about him; it tells a story of dedication, wisdom, and the lasting impact he has on those embracing his teachings.

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