1st African Awards Prizes And Packages For Winners

The 1st African Awards initiative is set to recognize brands, promote and reward deserving individuals from various Industries in Africa as centered on the theme ‘’Celebrating the true African Culture – Discovering to build Talents’’
LoversGh Network the main host of this scheme registered and operates under Act,219 (Act 992).

According to the Terms and conditions of this scheme, once a nominee has received his or her voting flyers, voting begins with 60% of the vote from the public and 40% from the board on works submitted under review. A vote cost 1 Ghana cedis only or 0.16$.
Nominee Agrees to all terms applied on this scheme, the Nominee hereby is subject to follow all instructions, failure to do so can terminate the application or Nomination.
Winners will emerge through a voting process which will be public and board decision.
An Award will only be presented to a nominee for winning that category applied for, winning an award is not only about the money, the award Plaque serves as a great symbol for winning on this scheme.

Other great packages or incentives to be won from respective categories are based on the board’s decisions to add up to the Plaque given to the said Nominee and that happens to be a plus for the winner on that day.
Since this happens to be the maiden edition, this scheme will for now be with stated conditions and terms as decided by the board.
Being Nominated is a plus to building your profile, and great recognition for your brand to be showcased to the world at large.
The African Continent is known for its diverse cultures, 1st African wards is a home to showcase, celebrate and promote, preserve the rich African culture and heritage.

As part of 1st African Awards core values and fairness of this scheme, Results publications will only be decided by the board on when to release it to the public and not the nominee decision.
As part of our initiative 1st Foundation is a corporate social responsibility project aimed at supporting and promoting young youths in society in (Education, Business, Music, and Arts).
LoversGH Network holds the signature to 1st African Awards and this will be an annual event to be hosted.

Ghana stands to be the first host for this year’s 2022 1st African Awards. Best of luck to all Selected Nominees Signed Patrick Gasu. 1st African Awards.