3 Kids With 3 Women, Kwaisey Pee Reveals He Is Super Broke

All that glitters is not gold, and in a recent tell-it-all interview, highlife musician, Kwaisey Pee reveals that driving the flashy cars he is often seen using, is a clear contrast to his reality; he is broke as hell. According to him, he is broke and sometimes borrows people’s cars to drive. He explained “you don’t want to walk on the streets for people to see you walking on the streets.”

In the Joy FM  interview with Lexis Bill, the musician, born Akwasi Opoku said there have been  ups and downs and when things are going well, it’s really exciting but things get bad, they are super bad.

He said: “There’s nothing much you can do. All you need to do is maybe get back into the studio and start working and see if you can get something…”

“As for money, I’m telling you I even need your money. I’m broke as hell. I wouldn’t come and sit here, to be honest with you and before God and man and say to you, it’s super for me, it’s not [because] at the end of the day music is not selling anymore in terms of CDs…”

“Like the way we used to do it back in the day, some of us were actually relying on CD sales and it’s no more.”

The son of the late legendary Agyeiku, lead vocalist for the then Yamoah’s Band, revealed, the last time he performed was in December 2016.

“I don’t get too many shows. Most of the time all the shows that you see me on is my own effort that I try to put some show together…”

Unable to meet the demands of women, the singer is not married.

“I feel like being alone… women always come in with a lot of expectations and so if you are not prepared,” especially when you are a popular guy “and they see you driving Bentley,” they get excited without knowing the car is even borrowed”.

Earlier this year, Kwaisey Pee revealed that he had never been married before but an amorous sexual relationship with some women he failed to name, resulted in the  fathering 3children with different women.

Speaking to host of Ultimate Brunch and Lunch Naa Klordey Odonkor he said “there are a number of reasons why am still single. It is just that i am unlucky despite doing things right. I do a lot of things but it is still not working right for me. I am doing nothing about it now. I am just relaxed and waiting on the lord for the right time”

He believes he may have been looking for love at the wrong places the reason none of his relationships have worked out and metamorphosed into marriage revealing that his ideal woman is an obedient, God-fearing, submissive and hardworking adding that beauty will be an addendum.

“I need somebody who is down to earth. Beauty does not in play in because I have done and seen it all so what I need now is someone who is down to earth. I just want to go with the flow and whatever comes on my way I grab it”, he emphasized.