5-Year-Old Ghanaian Music Producer Celebrates His 5th Birthday with Root Reggae Song ‘5th Soulja

In a heartwarming display of youthful talent, 5-year-old Ghanaian music producer, Nan Beatz, has just unveiled a captivating root reggae song titled ‘5th Soulja’ to commemorate his 5th birthday. This pint-sized prodigy is no stranger to the music scene, as he has consistently astounded audiences with his yearly birthday releases.

Nan Beatz’s latest musical offering, ‘5th Soulja,’ features the vibrant vocal talents of Lipssy J and Nuhu Vyb. The track serves as a testament to the young artist’s innate musical abilities and his determination to make his mark in the world of Ghanaian music.

Each year, on his birthday, Nan Beatz treats his growing fanbase to a unique musical creation, showcasing his evolving skills and creativity. These birthday releases have gained a strong following within the Ghanaian music community, earning him recognition and admiration far beyond his tender age.

The ‘5th Soulja’ project boasts not only a captivating reggae tune but also a visually stunning music video. The video, directed by the renowned Kwame Apex of Apex Creations, perfectly complements the song’s rhythmic vibes, taking viewers on a mesmerizing audio-visual journey.

Listeners can now enjoy ‘5th Soulja’ on all major digital streaming platforms, making it accessible to reggae enthusiasts and music lovers across the globe. The accompanying music video has already started gaining traction on YouTube, garnering views and sparking conversations about this young talent’s potential.

Stream the full song below