Actress Afia Amoako Leaves Ghana As Boyfriend Threatens Their Love Life

Movie lovers call her Aboagyewaa for her lead role in the movie “Aboagyewaa” on Adom TV, fans call her the Onaapo lady and industry players call her Afia GTV but her real name is Afia Amoako.

We can all recall that few days ago, Afia was in the news for going naked in a movie directed by Kofi Yeboah titled “Onwuntofoo Saman”

After news came out, Afia received series of critics from readers worldwide and as if that wasnt enough to tear her down, Afia’s boyfriend who could not stand this seemingly embarrassment has threatened to divorce her but according to Afia, nothing can stop her dreams and passion from acting, not even her husband to be.

Afia amidst the controversies around her flew to Dubai for holidays and in an exclusive interview with her, she said, the main reason for her recent trip to Dubai is to take away the pressure around her.

Her words below.

My biggest pain right now, is my boyfriend who knew and used to support my career as an actress, yet, still went ahead to make plans of spending his life with me has now developed this sudden change that I can’t even be happy at home anymore. My love life is becoming really boring and that’s why i had to go somewhere far from home where nobody will make things much difficult for me.

Check out pictures from her Dubai trip below – she looks happy.