Ashaiman Excellence Awards (AEA) 21 _Coming Soon

The Ashaiman Excellence Awards has been established by Macford productions in collaboration with LoversGh Network to celebrate the hardworking talents and brands in various communities and Region who are working hard to 

Shine light into the industry, Arts and Business.

Originally it is hoped to have the whole of Ashaiman community in arts, entertainment and business in a unique way to the nation buildance and the youth development

However, there will be a virtual launch with press releases to aid prospect nominees on how to file for nominations.

According to the organizers, the categories are divided into sections of which includes Industry and Large scale, arts and entertainment as well as Special recognition category respectively.

The Ashaiman Excellence Awards 21 promises to be unique from all other schemes with equality and fairness.

  There will be a night of excellence were by winners will be rewarded and great personalities that has contributed their quota to the arts, entertainment and business in Ashaiman buildance will be honoury awarded 

Details about Nominations and  voting will be published on the our website at and all social handle  very soon.

For further enquiries or to sponsor this main event kindly reach the team now on board by calling +233559570557 Or +233230529070 / +233554548530

Ashaiman Excellence Awards 21_ Celebrating hard work with Excellence