Benjamin Kwadey – Impacting The World Through Films

Benjamin Kwadey is a filmmaker who has been in showbiz for over twenty (20) years. He is an actor, director and producer by profession and a product of School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana. His creativity in the area of showbiz is incredibly amazing.

The casting director and content developer has over 22 professions he can execute with finesse without supervision. He has been training many people from all walks of life with passsion and this gives him inner satisfaction. Naturally a motivational speaker, he has empowered people around the world with the Word of God as The Powerful Tool.

His Skill in Scriptwriting and storytelling is overwhelming . He has uncountably directed many Events, Plays and some Films that have become very Successful and triggered Standing ovations with Applauds.

He has been in uncountable productions, both local and international. He is recognized by many by the unique role he played in Suncity Series that run on our screens.

Benjamin Kwadey, the man full of God’s given potentials is currently having a “BEHP 3 DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP”, training people in the area of *ACTING

*Participants are accommodated in a comfortable home for 3 days.

*Fed once a day for 3 days

  • And given intensive training in the areas of Courses stated above selected by the participants.

To apply to be trained by him or make more enquiries, please contact BEHP on 0244677985 / 0243820090.

If you need his Services in the area of expertise, please don’t hesitate to call BEHP the numbers above.

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