Black Legendary TV Auditions For Female Presenters Tomorrow

Black Legendary Television, an entertainment TV show seeks to work with female presenters
between the age range of 22-30 years.

According to the CEO of the show, Emmanuel Bossu Kule, they are looking for the best ladies
who have the passion, confidence, flair and are smart, to have them host their shows.

We look forward to working with ladies between 22-30 years. She can either be new to
presenting or have that passion in her, we don't mind because we at Black Legendary TV believe
that sometimes, when unseen talents are sharpened well, they become the best of their kind and
that's exactly what we want. Bossu Kule stated…

We have a lot of programs on the talk show and we want different ladies to host each of them.
So it doesn't really matter your field. Sometimes you can be "okay" with interviews but extremely
good at news presenting, then we know where to fix you. Other times you can be average at
news presenting but have the flare for countdown reviews… So you see, during the audition
tomorrow, we know there will always be something good in a lady that can let her work with us.
Bossu Kule added…

There will be a free of charge audition going on this Saturday, which is tomorrow, 30th
September inside Accra, Santa Maria – Video Junction (Close to Kwashieman) from 10am to

Interested persons should contact any of these numbers for more information