Christ Offer, SA Based Ghanaian Rapper Drops Bless My Generation Hip Hop EP

Talented musician Christ Offer has released a new EP “Bless My Generation”.

The rapper has 5 tracks on the Ep which basically summarizes his life and his future as a creative.

“Hello riches ft Blaq flit, Dreams, Relax, Champion and Laughs ft NSKGH” are the track list of the “Bless My Generation Ep”. Explaining what each single on the Ep means he said,

“So If you check the tracklist it actually speaks for itself cos We have hello Riches that’s is like me talking to Riches about the things I want when she visiting.

We have dreams that I basically talk about everything I dream of. We also have relax which make more sense cos after everything relaxation is key

Championship because I feel like I have this inner champion in me that the world is yet to experience

And Laugh finally cos you can’t have a blessed generations without being happy and Laugh is a symbol of happiness if I’m not wrong

“So basically that’s the idea behind the title and the track list I choose”

Bless my generation is available on all streaming platforms, see link below.

Music Video For Hello Riches


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