Dekofz Couture And Blogger Nathaniel Quaye Signs An Endorsement Agreement.

Ghanaian lifestyle and entertainment blogger Nathaniel Quaye has signed an endorsement deal with Edward Senyo Doe, CEO of Dekofz Couture.

The Ceo of Anansesem Media and Dekofz Couture penned down their signatures as both agreed on a one year deal to work together as partners and also fuse fashion and media under one umbrella.

Anansesem Media will be responsible for promoting Dekofz Couture and making it one of the most recognized fashion brands in Ghana and beyond.

Dekofz Couture is a leading brand in the fashion world and has advocated for the youth to get involve in the fashion world, as it promises to be one of the most lucrative avenues the youth can venture and make a living off the multi billion dollar industry.

As part of measures to reduce unemployment, Dekofz Couture will be rolling out programs to training individuals across Ghana.

The signing of the deal was held in a private ceremony as both Anansesem Media and Dekofz Couture have decided to go on a path to greatness by coming together to be a change that will set precedents for others to follow.

Nathaniel Quaye is one of the most outstanding bloggers in Ghana thriving on the positives and is well noted for his calm nature thus called by many as Mr. Gentleman.