Essilfie Releases Her Debut Project “Tori’s Lounge

Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Essilfie has just released Tori’s Lounge, her debut solo project.

Tori’s Lounge is Essilfie’s attempt at reminiscing on, and relaying feelings on a love affair that took a bumpy ride before its final stop. The artiste, Essilfie, although still not sure of when and where things headed south along this ride in the relationship is finally coming to terms with her emotions through the music she has created over a span of time in which she relives her experiences in her mind.

Tori’s Lounge is her final place of laying these feelings to rest. It is called Tori’s Lounge because she in some way reconnects with a childhood name she was called – Tori – and she believes that her vocals are a place in which listeners can soothing rest, hence it could be described as synonymous to the feeling of rest one gets in a lounge. Imperatively, Tori’s Lounge carries a childish playfulness and at the same time signals a project through which tired and love troubled individuals can find rest.

The project comprises of five emotionally charged songs crafted in various genres and with alternating vocal ranges, for your listening pleasure. Tori’s Lounge is a true work of art that doesn’t just paint a story in plain terms. Intrinsically, it opens up its listener to elements of culture through language, style and grace.

Listen to Tori’s Lounge Here