Falling In Love Gets Me Confused – Feli Nuna 

Feli Nuna, Off Da Ground signed female singer, has revealed some details about her love life.

The Black Star Barbie, who has been praised by Ghanaians for producing back-to-back hits over the years, shared a new video with an unexpected caption.

Feli Nuna opened up about her love life, revealing that love can be confusing at times. She didn’t stop there, however, and went feather to reveal her current emotions.

The singer, who was dressed in a beautiful creamy fur dress and jacket, wrote, “Love confuses me sometimes, but I think that’s okay.” Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don’t, and that’s just part of life.
See below.

Feli Nuna, on the other hand, informed Ghanaians about her upcoming mega song. She also advised Ghanaians to prepare their “towels” for her upcoming jam, as she kept emphasizing the word “TOWEL.”