Feli Nuna Calls On Women In Power To Invest In Female Artists

Feli Nuna, Ghanaian power singer, has urged women in positions of power to support the music industry.

On ETV’s Girls Vibes with Mercy Bee, she urged women in power with a passion for music to come and invest in women in the music industry, which is currently dominated by men.

Despite the fact that there are many talented female artists in the industry, most men prefer to take advantage of them before offering assistance. She describes these thirsty men who want to sleep with every woman as ‘pigs’.

‘As women we need to be part of the solution thereby supporting and empowering each other’. She further called on women in various facets of the industry be it presenters, media personnel, managers to support and help each other to help kill this canker.

Watch the full interview below.

Feli Nuna, best known for producing hit songs such as Gelaway, Dream, Love Me Now, Towel, and others, is currently promoting her video ‘Bumbum’.

Enjoy ‘Bumbum’ below.