Fighting Coronavirus! Roo Dube Lecturers On Vaccination In Latest Video, “LockDown”

The corona virus pandemic has not only created economic crises but has disrupted lives creating a global economic slowdown.

To make stabilize the situation and bring things to normalcy, world leaders across the globe have come out with contradicting solutions to help curb this canker of a virus, but has failed woefully.

The virus, as of March, 2019, has and continue to claim thousands of innocent lives.

As expects continue to seek
solutions, one of Ghana’s favorite musician, Roo Dube has devised a way to enlighten the world of the deadly corona virus.

In a yet to be released scenic video, Roosevelt Kofi Yeboah, popularly known in the showbiz space as Roo Dube, scripted an educative story, informing the world on how to keep safe in an atmosphere polluted with the infectious virus.

After the release of the audio some few months back, it was amazingly surprising the attention it garnered from DJ’s and presenters both on radio and tv. Currently, it is one of the biggest educative Ghanaian compositions used in educating the masses on coronavirus.

The video, however is believed to do twice the work of the audio and will be released on Saturday, February 5.

In a media interview, the versatile artiste, Roo Dube, explained vividly the reason behind such a composition.

“The virus is an enemy to man, hence the need I encourage all citizens to comply with all the safety protocols with regards to fighting the novel corona virus.

The virus has brought a lot harm to humanity and I believe it’s about time we document its events as it unfolds.

Most often, we leave these things for others to document on our behave and I want to use my song to do this. I trust the power of both social and traditional media to get me the numbers to make this impact” he explained.

LOCKDOWN will on records be one of the very few educative songs on the fight against corona virus, globally.