Ghanaian Boxer Ayitey Powers Becomes President of The Voice of Ghana Professional Boxers

Well known Ghanaian boxer Ayitey Powers has been chosen as the President of The Voice of Ghana Professional Boxers, a group that helps and speaks up for professional and juvenile boxers in Ghana.

Ayitey Powers, whose real name is Michael Ayitey Okine, has had a successful boxing career. He is known for his boxing skills and his lively personality. His new role as President is expected to use his experience and popularity to help improve professional boxing in Ghana.

The Voice of Ghana Professional Boxers wants to create a strong support system for boxers. This includes helping them reach thier goals, providing good training, organizing promotions, and finding better opportunities for them. With Ayitey Powers leading, the group hopes to build a stronger boxing community and raise the sport’s profile both in Ghana and internationally.

In an interview with GhMusicHype , Ayitey Powers shared his plans for the future of boxing in Ghana. He talked about the need for better support for boxers, improved training facilities, and more international exposure for Ghanaian fighters. He also stressed the importance of guiding and mentoring young boxers to help them succeed.

“The life of a boxer is tough, but with the right help and support, we can create an environment where our fighters can do well and reach their full potential,” Powers said. “I am committed to working hard to improve the status of professional boxing in Ghana and to ensure our boxers get the recognition and opportunities they deserve.”

The boxing community is excited about Ayitey Powers’ new role and many believe he will bring positive changes. As President, Powers is expected to bring new ideas and energy to the organization, which will benefit both the boxers and the sport.

The Voice of Ghana Professional Boxers is looking forward to a bright future with Ayitey Powers as their leader. They hope to achieve great things and take Ghanaian boxing to new heights.

Ayitey Powers is also now promoting boxing events, and there will be an exciting boxing match on June 29th. Everyone is looking forward to it.


Story by: Nasti Blinks