Ayitey Powers: “I Tried To Give The Title To Bukom Banku, But He Ignored Me

Micheal Ayitey Okine, popularly known as Ayitey Powers and currently serving as the President of the Voice of the Boxers, shared his story in an interview with Marshall on LaTV’s Front Bench.

Ayitey Powers explained that the title he now holds was bestowed upon him by the youth, not something he sought for himself. He reached out to Bukom Banku to inform him about the title and expressed his desire to pass it on to him while serving as his adviser.

Initially, Bukom Banku agreed to the proposal, and they scheduled a meeting to finalize the details. However, Bukom Banku began ignoring Ayitey Powers’ calls, leading Ayitey to proceed with accepting the title himself.

Ayitey Powers is also now promoting boxing events, and there will be an exciting boxing match on June 29th. Everyone is looking forward to it.