Ghanaian DJ Emma Addo Unveils Great Selections Mixtape Featuring: Cina Soul, Adane Best, Nii Funny, Apaatse, King Jerry etc.

Renowned Ghanaian disk jockey and radio presenter, DJ Emma Addo, has just dropped an electrifying mixtape showcasing the vibrant sounds of Ga music. Titled “The Perfect Mix vol1,” this mixtape features stellar performances from some of Ghana’s finest acts including Cina Soul, Adane Best, Nii Funny, Apaatse, King Jerry, Nii Amui, and many others.

With a keen eye for talent and a deep appreciation for Ghanaian music, DJ Emma Addo curated a diverse collection of tracks that highlight the rich cultural heritage and musical prowess of the Ga people. From soulful ballads to infectious rhythms, “The Perfect Mix” offers listeners an immersive experience into the world of Ga music.

Each track on the mixtape brings something unique to the table, with contributions from seasoned veterans and rising stars alike. Cina Soul’s mesmerizing vocals, Adane Best’s timeless melodies, Nii Funny’s dynamic energy, Apaatse’s infectious beats, King Jerry’s captivating flow, Nii Amui’s soul-stirring performances, and many more, come together to create a tapestry of sound that celebrates the diversity and creativity of Ghanaian music.