Ghanaian Students In China Might Die Of Hunger Instead Of Coronavirus

Ghanaian students in China might die of hunger instead of Coronavirus.
The novel coronavirus has spread across borders within a space of one month. Authorities in China are taking measures to prevent and contain the outbreak from becoming a pandemic. However, the non-availability of vaccine is a great worry.

This require concerted and united response from the global community especially politicians, scientific experts and clinicians.
Whiles the search for vaccines continues, the number of countries evacuating their citizens from Wuhan City in China, the epicenter of the epidemic keeps increasing.

The United States airlifted its citizens on Wednesday, 29th January and they arrived the next day on US soil. Japan, France, Germany, the UK and a host of Asian countries are following suit. Egypt and Morocco are reportedly also hatching plans to evacuate their students in the beleaguered city.

Despite evacuation becoming the norm, a host of sub-Saharan African countries are silent. For instance, the Ghanaian Embassy in Beijing however does not intend to get their citizens out of the city. They are citing a number of reasons.

They are however supporting their citizens with food stuffs to support those affected by the lockdown.
From a close source, the Ghanaian student body (NUGS) published an article today reporting that they provided money to support the students affected city. Despite the gravity of the horrific condition facing these students as shopped are closed and vehicular movement is completed halted, each student received 25.80 RMBs (20 GHC) to support themselves.

Do our leaders really care about our brothers and sisters in Wuhan? This is a sad story that breaks any well-meaning heart.