Gospel Minister Pastor Joseph Lawer Releases New Single “What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist”

The song is the lead melody from his newest Grace album.
From the foregoing, it is with no doubt that the song released recently has quickly resonated with listeners within just a matter of a short time.
Known for his soulful voice and deeply spiritual lyrics, Pastor Joseph Lawer has delivered a powerful anthem of faith and hope with “What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist”.
As the song continues to gain popularity, it is clear that “What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist” is certainly going to become a favorite among gospel music fans, touching hearts and lifting spirits around the globe.
The song “What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist” combines contemporary urban gospel rhythms, creating a sound that is both modern and timeless.
The song’s uplifting melody and heartfelt lyrics speak to the challenges and triumphs of the spiritual journey, offering a message of encouragement and divine inspiration.
In an exclusive interview, Pastor Joseph Lawer revealed that he wakes up almost everyday with a new song dropping into his spirit.
“The song “What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist” was a direct inspiration from the Holy Ghost as I saw the power and mercies of God do what man think was impossible in my life and in the life of others,” he emphasized.
He added that “it is a sure prophetic message for every child of God that the Lord reigns supreme above all circumstances and situations and they should never ever think of giving up on God.”
“To my fans, the Grace album released has four tracks which include:
1. What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist,
2. Okayeho (God Is With Us)
3. Awesome God
4. Adea Yesu Ay3
….I want to assure the fans and all music lovers that we have over 100 mastered songs and over 500 songs we are working on so the journey has just begun.
Also, Central Region In Worship will soon be launched and held across many communities. All details will be communicated in due time.”
Pastor Joseph Lawer’s vocal performance is both emotive and dynamic, capturing the song’s essence of seeking and finding spiritual solace in the powers and unconditional boundless love of the ALMIGHTY GOD.
Brief Bio Of Pastor Joseph Lawer
Pastor Joseph Lawer is seasoned Minister of the gospel and the Founder of the Liberty House Chantry, an author of over ten (10) books and a gospel artist.
He holds M.Phil in Soil Science from the University of Ghana, Legon and a Bachelor degree from the University of Education, Winneba.
He is a professional teacher with over 13 years teaching experience.
As a prophet of God, he has used music as a medium of communication to inspire and offer hope to many.
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