I Open My Legs Before I Can Write Good Songs – Efe Keyz


There is nothing wrong if you open your legs to make good music. This is what Efe Keys is saying. First and foremost Efe Keyz is undoubtfully a great singer of our time who could be the next female singer to take Ghana to the world. Her amazing vocals, presence, stage craft and bubbly personality is quiet a combination to fall in love it. She recently posted on her official page that, she loves to open her legs and that’s how she males good music. The post raised lots of question and therefore Ghana music news decided to follow up to understand what she meant and this is what she had to say

‘I don’t know why people are blowing this out of proportion. Yes I make good music when I open my legs. Am a food lover, I enjoy good food and when I have one sitting right in between my legs, so many creative ideas comes into my head and I write it down. Who has time to sit on a table; the bed is fine with me. For any food lover the aroma and taste of a good one can inspire your creativity and for me some of the best music ideas come to me in this moment. If people doubt me they should watch out for my songs this year, when they listen they will understand where am coming from, but even if people relate my statement with sex. What is wrong with it. sex relaxes and when you are relaxed you get more creative ideas.

Efe is currently working under Zylofon art club and would be releasing lots of songs this year.

Find more about Efe Keyz on her page.