I swear, I’m picking 4 awards this year – DJ Azonto bets with his Range Rover

Pink Fm’s DJ, Azonto is in the news again and this time, betting to give away his Range Rover if he picks less than 4 awards this year at the Ghana DJ Awards.

In an interview, Azonto who doubles up to be the official DJ for AMG rapper Medikal said, he will give away his Range Rover if he doesnt win 4 awards at this year’s Ghana DJ Awards which is yet to take place.

According to DJ Azonto, he and his artiste worked hard last year and deserves to be awarded for these categories;  Hiplife DJ Of The Year, Hip Hop DJ Of The Year, Event DJ Of The Year & Artiste DJ Of The Year.

His words below…

Yes i am confident of winning these four awards; Artiste DJ Of The Year, Hiplife DJ Of The Year, Hip Hop DJ Of The Year & Event DJ Of The Year. Why do i say this? Last year i won the Hiplife DJ and im not giving that belt to anyone. I represent AMG which has a lot of banging Hip Hop projects so that field i dont see anyone else there aside me. I played all the major shows in Ghana so i deserve the Event DJ Of The Year as well and finally, no artiste played events than my artiste Medikal last year, so i pick up the Artiste DJ Of The Year too. There are a lot of influence i have in the society which i dont want to tackle now so im giving out these basics to define my win.

In an answer to why he feels that confident, Azonto said..

I swear, you can bet me on this. I will give out my Range Rover if i dont pick up these four awards. If i pick up just 3 awards out of these 4, i still will give out the Range Rover.

DJ Azonto owns a micro finance, a pub, restaurant and he is the current Hip Life DJ of the year. He drives a white Range Rover which he has bet to give out if he looses one out of his 4 submissions at the Ghana DJ Awards.

Submissions for the DJ Awards have ended and we are yet to receive the nomination list and those who made it up there.