I Want To Buy Sm Empire At Any Amount- Baby Cash

Flex newspaper this week presents to Ghanaians a woman who has acquired so much for herself and wants the biggest brand and empire in Ghana, Shatta Movement, to herself. Her name is Cynthia Mireku, aka Baby Cash, a Belgium based Ghanaian business woman who seeks after the empire at any given amount.

“I’ve heard of Shatta Wale as a hardworking artiste in Ghana but when he is mentioned, he is only heard of in Ghana. Around where I am and the place around Europe, this huge name isn’t known and that is why I am here to buy the brand, change it and brand it well for an extension in Europe and around the world,” Baby Cash disclosed.

She is of the opinion that even football teams could be sold and that to buy a music brand is no different therefore at any amount at all the artiste would mention, she is ready to pay. Baby says, hers is to be given the chance to buy and after it’s bought, if Shatta is willing to sign on the label, he will be signed on and be worked with.

Apparently she isn’t interested in any other brand whatsoever than that of the Shatta Wale’s and won’t opt for any if he refuses to sell it off. Baby Cash is so much assured Shatta will give in to her bid and therefore no need of stress to change her mind.

“It’s only Shatta I want, no other brand. All I wish for is for him to understand I want to buy it. I don’t care how long he has built the brand; if he agrees to sell, then off we go but if he wouldn’t, no problem and if it isn’t his, then no other brand will do for me,” she stated.

To lay claim to her statement, Baby cash will be in Ghana in three weeks to meet with the SM boss for all negotiations and will be glad if things turn in her favor. She isn’t bothered, if all his fans will unfollow the brand after she’s bought it and as she puts it “we aren’t going to leave it idle.

“We will sign on new artistes and work will begin from there, so if his fans leave, it wouldn’t be a waste. All that is important is he selling off. It’s just by means of how we are going to brand it for us to as well get our own following” Baby cash concluded.


Flex newspaper