I Want To Go To The Grammys : Feli Nuna

Feli Nuna, an Off Da Ground artist, has set a new goal for her music career.

She revealed her desire to win a major world award in an exclusive interview with Henry D’Godson on Taadi FM.

Growing up, the ‘Towel’ hitmaker had a plan to do something that would make her happy.

Fortunately for her, music makes her happy, and she has used music to travel around the world.

She stated unequivocally that attending the Grammys and winning a major award is a dream of hers. 

Watch the full interview below.

Feli Nuna Is currently promoting her hit song ‘Towel’ in Takoradi, Ghana’s oil city.

Watch the video below.

Feli Nuna’s ‘Towel’Feli Nuna’s towel song is all about taking care of oneself. Self-care is defined as an individual’s, family’s, or community’s ability to promote health, prevent disease, and maintain health by eating well and engaging in stress-relieving activities.