If Shatta Wale Stops Self Sabotaging Himself He Will Be One Of The Greatest Out Of Ghana – Glitteratie

Glitteratie, the Afrobeats queen of event hosting and curation, just dropped a bombshell on her Mx24 interview. Buckle up, fam, because she’s coming for none other than Ghana’s musical titan, Shatta Wale.

Glitteratie, dripping in her funky swagg, declared that Wale, with his genre-bending beats and infectious energy, has the potential to be Ghana’s biggest musical export, EVER. But here’s the plot twist: according to Glitteratie, Wale is his own worst enemy.

She spilled the glitter-infused tea, claiming that Wale, with his “unnecessary roadblocks,” is sabotaging his own greatness. Like, girl, what kind of roadblocks are we talking? Unreleased bangers gathering dust in a digital vault? Beefs with every blogger in a 50-mile radius? Cancelled concerts that leave fans fuming like a pot of jollof gone wrong?

We don’t have all the answers, but Glitteratie’s not here to play detective. Her message is clear: Wale, step outta your own way! The world needs your music, your fire, your unapologetic swagger. Unleash the magic, Wale!

Now, before you hit the comment section with your thinkpieces and stan wars, let’s marinate on Glitteratie’s words. Is she just stirring the pot, or is there truth to her gems? Does Wale need a celestial intervention to unlock his full potential, or is he the king of his own kontroversial castle?

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