Kurtis Yardie Seal A Collaboration Album Deal With AJ Willz Of LBC Family

K1MG record label is proud to announce that it has strike a deal with the LBC family (Loyal Listeners of the LBC on LiveFM) rep AJ Willz for an album titled Chronicles of AJKY
This up coming album would be hosted by AJ Willz with performances by Kurtis Yardie and few collaborations with some other talented acts.

This marks the beginning of a musical journey embarked by the 1st Prince of the Label, the Starcity Boss, Kurtis Yardie after 5 successful singles.

Kurtis Yardie is gradually becoming a force to reckon with in the Dancehall business in Ghana, this development has attracted attention to his progress, which has brought up a new bond between K1MG and the LBC family, there would be many intriguing releases under this album which would blow minds of music lovers.
Details of the album would be made available at an official launch on a date that would be communicated at the right moment.
Just cross your fingers as Kurtis and AJ Willz blow your mind with release upon releases from this album.