M3NSA Inspires On His New Single ‘Forward’, Reminds Us To Not Give Up

Maybe you remember M3NSA for his viral MEME on Ghana Twitter in which he declares: ‘’Give Up. Don’t bother yourself’’, when asked for words of advice to the Ghanaian youth. So why after 10 years is he actually bothering himself in releasing a new solo project starting with a powerful single named ‘Forward’? Listen/stream ‘Forward’ here:

The truth is that after pioneering the new sound of Ghanaian music through Hiplife, which birthed the Afrobeat movement, he is constantly growing as a producer, rapper, singer and composer (and as you will soon see, as a filmmaker). The Ghanaian music environment is not benevolent towards innovation and pushing boundaries, which is directly related to how the Ghanaian establishment seems to be resistant to change, as we have recently experienced on different fronts.

In this climate, locally and internationally, ‘Forward’ suggests that the only way to really grow and learn from our past experiences, individually and collectively, is to pick the people around us up and find new ways.

Shining a light on the importance of rediscovering ourselves and being comfortable with our own identity, he is no stranger to uplifting his community in the process. The reputable artist credibly instils the notion of reconciling with our past whilst also being aware of the present.

Speaking about the track he said: ‘’Forward was a couple of songs that I pieced together, so the intro was like a little poem that I wrote, imagining a conversation with my older brother. The lyrics for the verses were just me looking for a mantra that allows me to continue ‘going’ when I feel I’ve got nothing else to offer and to pick up the people around me, to keep us on course’’.

Known for his powerful lyricism and effortless delivery, M3NSA (first name Bondzie, meaning speak up) unveils what’s set to be a concept album with many layers. His ability to remain versatile as a creative separates him from his peers, leaving no room to place him in one box as an artist in today’s scene. Remaining in control and looking ahead to the Kickstarter funded independent project release, it’s an exciting and momentous moment for him.

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