Meet Asantewaa: The Chief Inspector & Prosecutor Of Ghana Police Adding Classic Soul Flavor To Gospel Music

Gospel music is rooted in the Black church experience of the African-American South and birthed out of the Negro spirituals of slavery. It is a genre that is rhythmic, thankful, interactive and joyful. Despite not being a mainstream pillar, it can be argued that gospel music is the foundation of many Black music genres and a staple of the Black household. There are those songs that every Black person just seems to know, whether they are frequent churchgoers or not.

Don’t sleep on Agatha Abena Asantewaa; she might not be in the public but she has a voice & the style that’ll make your soul rejoice. She drops her former background singer title, with the release of her debut album on the 8th of December,2019 titled “Most High God”, and gets a major assist from the police band. She makes it very clear in this album that Jesus Christ is the highest and the source of all of her accomplishments. When in need of encouragement, pop this project on and get ready to get restored and blown away by the range in her voice.

Adding classic soul flavor to gospel music, Chief inspector of the Ghana Police went from a solo artist to perform with the Police Band.  She is inspired by her service to Ghanaians and the youth of the country. Her main objective is to help the youth build a bond with their family(parents) She highlighted that Christianity does not only live in the church. But in their homes, through friends and all aspects of their lives and how kids are brought up in a Godly manner.

Agatha Abena Asantewaa is a native of Apegusu – Akwamu. She fellowship with Bethlehem congregation, Presbyterian Church.

She is also an instrumentalist (keyboardist) but professionally began her music career in 2019, with a home-built studio in which she records her own music. She fancies Reggae/Ragga gospel music (Beenieman ‘s let’s go the church is her favorite reggae music) Senzo, gospel related music and picks inspiration from Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and other Ragga music & Jazz music performers.

She is currently embarking on a campaign worth supporting – Stay off/ stay out, which literally means, stay off drugs, stay out of prison.

Enjoy Woye Kese By her below