Men Are To Be Paid For A Good Sex – Kokonsa Hemaa

Kokonsa Hemaa, a young Pr and journalist known for controversies has stated that ladies must rather pay men who are able to satisfy them sexually than being paid.

She supported her claim with the view that “men can cum at anytime even with a flip of two fingers on the cap”.
However, some women are just like ‘dead goats’ which you have to tickle every part of their bodies for more than an hour before they respond to stimuli.

“Ghanaian ladies should stop being selfish and inconsiderate. ” – She stated.
Kokonsa Hemaa concluded that “if a guy satisfies you, appreciate him. Especially when he releases(Sperms) into You”
Cook the best food he desires and offer him the best of drinks he likes because according to research, a drop 💧 of sperms contains about 3 million proteins and other essential nutrients. How wicked can you be if he releases three times and yet you demand money from him?

Men ought to be paid after a good sex, she again stressed on it.