Mikal Asher Appreciates The Black Woman On His Latest Single

Looking back over forty years ago, who would have thought that a seed that was conceived in the mind of a patriarch would blossom into this Huge tree with unshakable Roots. He may have seen the promised land but it took Joshua to reach the land .

Denroy Morgan’s desire for Africa was made manifest when Mikal Asher, his younger brother, took that bold step, 28 years ago, of coming to the land and defeating Giants to make a mark that is indelible.

Today as Mikal prepares to honor the Black Woman on his single from the up and coming Album, THE MISSION; There is no doubt in its spiritual connection to Morgan Heritage’s New, just released Homeland Album. The Morgans are unquestionably on a mission, which is commendable given that the music video for Black Woman will be released on Mother’s Day, May 14.

The Buzz is on and the anticipation is great, as we prepare for the Mission Album from Mikal Asher. The album features Mikal’s favorite nephew, multiple Grammy Award winning Producer Gramps Morgan and a host of other producers from Jamaica and right here in Ghana. Black Woman is an appetizer and it is his way of honoring the pride of the Nubian Queens strength, tenacity, Hard work and resilience.