Nobby Singh Features Medikal On “You Will Know” Afromix

Exciting news from the music world! Ghanaian sensation Medikal ventures into the Indian market with a thrilling collaboration. DC Studioz & Ziiki Media has released their highly anticipated single track, “You Will Know (Afro-mix),” featuring Nobby Singh and Medikal.

This unique collaboration brings together the talents of an Indian and a Ghanaian artist, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of musical styles. Nobby Singh, known for his soulful voice and signed by Ziiki Media label, has garnered immense recognition in the Punjabi music scene, transcending language barriers to connect with a diverse audience.

Medikal, the renowned Ghanaian hip-hop musician, is admired for his fast-paced rap style and clever wordplay, incorporating Pidgin English and Ghanaian slangs to add a distinct flavor to his tracks. With a partnership with Ziiki Media, Medikal has already left a lasting impression on the music industry, expanding his reach even further.

The song “You Will Know (Afro-mix)” narrates two intriguing perspectives.

Nobby’s verse tells a story of a boy in a relationship, expressing that the girl is yet to fully understand his true self and personality. He assures her that with time, she will come to understand him better.

Medikal’s verse takes listeners on his journey of financial success and the attention he receives from admirers after achieving fame. He embraces his individuality and lives life on his own terms.

Originally released in 2022 as part of Nobby Singh’s debut EP, #PB31, “You Will Know” gained immense popularity. In celebration of its success, the team decided to introduce an Afro version, blending different musical influences to create an even more captivating rendition. The team is confident that this version will receive equal love and appreciation from the audience.

Ziiki Media takes pride in the remarkable success of its artists. Nobby Singh’s hit tracks, such as “Mere Jehi,” “Dream Girl,” “Tere Supne,” “Hit ‘n’ run,” “Jatt Flok,” and “Fikar,” have struck chords with the audience, as evidenced by their impressive view counts on YouTube.

Similarly, Medikal’s chart-topping hits, including “Ayekoo” with 5.2 million views, “Omo Ada” with 4.5 million views, and “La Hustle” with 2.9 million views, have captivated millions of fans worldwide.

The collaboration between two diverse musical styles and culture shows how music can bring people together.