Omo Marani pours out heavy emotions in new song “Bigger Picture” – LISTEN

Omo Marani, the Ghanaian cum Nigerian Afrobeats crooner drops a first single off his upcoming EP. While he hides the title of the EP from everybody for now, his debut release off the catalogue is what he titles “Bigger Picture”.

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The song carries a lot of heavy emotions; Lazbeat, the Producer of the song seems to ride along same sentiments with Marani and brought out the best side of him to exhume all the storylines in both English and his second native language, Yoruba.

“I chose to go with ‘Bigger Picture’ as the song title because it embodies the idea of looking beyond and delving into the deeper understanding of life and what Nature may offer you in the future. The song is meant to educate the listeners about the complexities of life and the integrity you could hold on to, for future sake,” Omo Marani explained.

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Day in day out, there are different stories from different upcoming artistes about their struggle on their music journey to the top; most of them never had it easy to hit mainstream, but then again, the task comes with a lot of betrayals and (unnecessary) rifts between them and connected sources from their contemporaries to families and even people outside the box — all these Marani was able to dovetail into this song “Bigger Picture”. The song artwork for the song itself even speaks volumes.

Collins Maruf, Founder of Showbiz Clique “CollinWud”, has his strong roots hailing from Keta in the Volta Region while his other side comes from Nigeria. Not to lose touch with both countries of his origin, he blends a fine mix of languages from Ghana and Nigeria to accentuate messages he puts in his music while maintaining the Lingua Franca, English and pidgin as well. “Bigger Picture” typically adds flavour to this brand he’s been fine-tuning for a while.

Omo Marani, who leads his clique of Artistes and other Showbiz Createurs in his fold, has been able to birth an annual concert in his home-ground, Keta, he plays annually during the Hogbetsotso Festival – a strategy he is using as an indie artiste and rising talent to build his own network and as well create opportunity for the less privileged (local) talents from his Region and across Ghana to also unearth themselves. In the 3rd year running with the event this year, Omo Marani seeks to this festival which he has named “Keta To Da World”, a household gig that everyone across Ghana and beyond can resonate with.

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