Osu Boy: Sean Taylor’s New Video Is Pretty Much A Feature Film Of Osu life

Ghanaian Dancehall musician Sean Taylor has released his latest music video, “Osu Boy” just in time with the yuletide season.q

Sean Taylor, born as Theophilus Tettey Taylor is touted by industry watchers as one of the most exciting talents in the industry.

Taylor’s new music video featuring Vybz Flair outdoor-ed last month is one for the books.

The singer has shared a film to recap the spectacular Osu life. The video, shared on YouTube, looks more like a blockbuster movie.

The lyrics are powerful, the message is clear, the visuals tell a story even with your volume silenced.

Sean Taylor captivates a global audience with his ability to interpret a real relatable experience by turning it into a colorful visual with a universal language.

Many artists steer away from songs that address humanitarian issues but rather the chase of fast life. On the flip side, Sean is rather putting a spotlight on societal plight through his music.

The secret behind the name Sean

Sean Taylor on The Late Nite Celebrity Show revealed he is the Dancehall President and supersedes any other Dancehall accolade.

The Osu Boy singer explaining why he settled on his Sean brand said;

“If you observe there is Sean John, Sean Paul, Sean Kinsgston and others and that’s how come I added Sean to my Taylor because I want to be on the levels of these brands and surpass them in the future.”

“I think Dancehall chose me because growing up I didn’t even know I could sing.” Taylor said “I use to do a lot of artistic stuff but I didn’t know I could use my voice but here I am.”

“I look up to more of the international guys because locally I just look to none other than myself because growing up as an artist, from the time I got this feeling to be an artist, I listened to Samini a lot. There is no day I go without listening to Samini for about two months. He has been an inspiration and influence. And then, Dancehall and Reggae wasn’t huge in this part of the world, Blakk Rasta and the rest of the people were doing some music then so I use to listen to them a lot.”

Source: ghanaweb