Poncho Makes Strongs Statements In New Singles ‘Rasta’ And ‘Runaway’ | LISTEN 

Poncho, Ghanaian versatile singer and songwriter has released two new songs.

The talented musician makes strong statements in his new songs titled ‘Rasta’ and ‘Runaway.’

In his song ‘Rasta,’ he describes how society discriminates against people with long hair, known as dreadlocks, or Rasta in general.

Rasta peeps, Rastafarians, or dreadlocks are generally regarded as bad guys, making it more difficult for such people to be involved, which we believe is absurd and violates human rights.

Poncho has chosen to stand up for all Rastafarians around the world in his new song, which you can listen to below.

Listen to ‘Rasta’ here:

His other song, ‘Runaway,’ is a motivational song about empowerment.

‘Runaway’ is an inspirational song that makes you want to let go of all the negative energy that keeps you from moving forward or staying happy in life. 

“So we’re supposed to ‘Runaway’ from stress, hatred, anger, laziness, poverty, weakness, and all other negative things and even people.”

Listen to ‘Runaway’ here:

‘Rasta’ and ‘Runaway’ are produced by talented producer B2 of DopeNation.