Psalm Adjetefio’s Story Is One I’m Learning From As An Upcoming Creative Person – Ablord

Psalm Adjetefio’s story is one I’m learning from as an upcoming creative person – Ablord

We came across a post on the Facebook page of a young talented Ghanaian promising male artist, Ablord, the Ra Ra and Together hitmaker in relation to a veteran Ghanaian actor Psalm Adjetefio popularly known as T.T.

The artist in a conversation with kobbygossips indicated that, he grew up watching the veteran actor, and never missed any of his series.

“I was surprised when I came across the recent news concerning veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio that he is in a terrible state and is calling on support for 3000gh to pay for his house rent. Is it the same Psalm Adjetefio, the man who entertains us when we were growing up? T.T, as he was popularly called in the Taxi Driver show? The actor I never wanted to miss his program?

I’ve learned a lot from everything happening to him now and will encourage my fellow upcoming creative persons to also take a lesson from this. It’s not all about the chilling, let’s invest for a brighter future.” He added.