Rebbel Ashes Speaks Out Against Ableism in the Music Industry: A Call for Unity and Respect

Belgium-based Ghanaian Afrobeat artist Rebbel Ashes has recently taken a firm stance against ableism in the music industry, particularly condemning fellow artist Shatta Wale for derogatory remarks towards another artist. In a poignant Facebook post, Rebbel Ashes highlighted the damaging impact of using disability as a tool for insults and urged for collective action to address this issue.
In his Facebook statement, Rebbel Ashes emphasized the importance of unity and respect within the artistic community. He expressed deep concern over Shatta Wale’s derogatory language towards a fellow artist, labeling it as unacceptable behavior that reflects poorly on the entire country. By dragging all disabled people into a personal feud, Rebbel Ashes argued that Shatta Wale not only perpetuated harmful stereotypes but also failed to uphold the values of inclusivity and empathy.
Rebbel Ashes’s message resonated with a powerful call to action: “If an artist has to drag all disabled people because he is beefing one person and we all look away then we failed as a country.” By pointing out the inherent injustice of using disability as a weapon in personal conflicts, he urged fellow artists and the public alike to speak up against such behavior. He underscored the urgency of addressing ableism in the music industry, stressing that silence only perpetuates the cycle of discrimination and injustice.
Furthermore, Rebbel Ashes challenged the notion that one’s disability should ever be exploited for the sake of entertainment or rivalry. He emphasized that artistic disagreements should be resolved through dialogue and mutual respect, rather than resorting to demeaning tactics that target an individual’s vulnerabilities. “You can fight Stonebwoy without using his disability as your standpoint,” Rebbel Ashes remarked, highlighting the importance of separating personal conflicts from discriminatory attacks.
Central to Rebbel Ashes’s message is the recognition of the resilience and talent within the disabled community. He acknowledged the countless individuals with disabilities who strive to excel in their respective fields, including the music industry. By advocating for inclusivity and equality, Rebbel Ashes affirmed his commitment to creating a more supportive and respectful environment for all artists, regardless of their abilities.
Rebbel Ashes’s outspoken condemnation of ableism in the music industry serves as a rallying cry for unity, empathy, and respect. His message challenges artists and the broader community to confront discriminatory attitudes and stand in solidarity against injustice. By amplifying the voices of those marginalized by ableism, Rebbel Ashes embodies the spirit of advocacy and inclusivity, paving the way for a more equitable and compassionate artistic landscape.
Story By: Promoter Koolic