Reginald Tetteh Sends An Emotional Story To Honor Football Manager Samuel Pappoe – READ

Board Manager & Entrepreneur Reginald Tetteh also known as Sean Jean sends a deep and an emotional message on how people disrespect and forget the hardwork of business man and football manager Samuel Pappoe also known as Lion.

Reginald Writes : I honour you bro! It’s not your birthday but I feel people of Osu especially the football fraternity has shown a gross direspect on your name, ability, vision, effort and hard work. They underrated you, felt you weren’t doing nothing and everything seems so easy because you achieved a lot in a short while. Through that I have witness a lot of them turn to player managers, promoters, trainers, football commentators, pundits and sports journalists all in the name of wanting to take your spot and be like you! But now it’s crystal clear, all they wanted was the fame and popularity so they can get a lot of low esteem girls in our community (Osu) to satisfy their sexual desires. How clueless visionless and futureless they seem to look now. The last time I checked they are still celebrating and boasting of your hand works and creations without adding up to the numbers. Phony, fake, haters, doubters, enemies, backbitters, backstabbers etc, they all failed! They should be ashamed now huh, smh! Bro all I want you to know is, If for all this year’s of silence they haven’t been able to produce any results to add up to your numbers then you should know it’s God work! Be patient sunny days ahead! 💥💥💥🍾🍾🍾👊🤑🤑🤑⚽️⚽️⚽️👑

Samuel Pappoe With His Player Samuel Armah