Rocky Dawuni Names EP, Drops Official Album Artwork — “Voice of Bunbon, Vol. 1”

After making an announcement of his maiden EP 2 weeks ago, Rocky
Dawuni moved a step further to give us the title as “Voice of Bunbon, Vol. 1”. 
“Voice of Bunbon, Vol. 1” couldn’t come through anytime better than now; after
Rocky Dawuni has fully returned to Ghana, his home base. The EP title resonates
his hometown, Bunbon, in the Northern Region of Ghana — this also accentuates
his Afro-centrism and deep-rooted African sounds and lyrics transported in his music
after 7 successful albums. 
Pitched with a sub title as Volume 1 definitely means more of such would be coming
from the living legend cum global activist. This announcement comes with the
release of the official artwork for the EP, a full retro style that communicates
returning “back to the roots.”
According to Rocky Dawuni, “these new songs were born out of my desire to present
and project music that is rooted in the deep cultural traditions of Ghana yet
presented in way that it can relate to the modern world. Bunbon is my home town in
Northern Ghana. My musical carreer has always been firmly inspired by my
upbringing in the royal family of Bunbon and being educated in the indigenous ways.
This exposure to cultural appreciation has served as an important part of my world
view and music. My vision for this EP is to present a globalized version of African
culture. It also represents my maturity over the years as a voice for social
consciousness. In a time of uncertainty, we need songs and hymns that can touch
our emotional nerve and remind us that love and hope are an indestructible aspect of
the human experience that no amount of fear can take away.” 
Rocky plans to release the EP in late October (date to be officially announced in few
days). The EP will be released in Ghana and then spread it to the rest of the world
with the hope that touring will return as early as possible.
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Elorm Beenie (Publicist)