Rush Energy Drink is set to Celebrate their 10 Year


Twellium Industrial Company Ltd, a manufacturing powerhouse in Ghana, is celebrating a remarkable achievement on its 10th anniversary. In a short period of time, this successful company has revolutionized the concept of Made in Africa by raising the standards of standardization and significantly contributing to Ghana’s GDP. By exporting locally produced commodities to over 10 West African countries, Twellium has disrupted the long-standing practice of importing goods into Ghana.

Specializing in the production of innovative beverages, Twellium manufactures a range of products including the popular Rush Energy Drink, Verna Mineral Water, assorted soft drinks, and juices. But their expertise does not stop there. Twellium has also mastered the manufacturing of biscuits and fresh-baked cakes, offering over 100 varieties of creamy and chocolaty wafers, crackers, bourbon, soda crackers, donuts, sliced cakes, and cream center filled cakes.

One of the company’s key achievements lies in its implementation of the fastest manufacturing lines in West Africa, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Twellium Industrial Company Ltd holds ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) certifications, attesting to its commitment to quality and safety.

Operating from three industrial facilities in Accra, Kumasi, and Burkina Faso, Twellium has not only significantly contributed to Ghana’s economy but also provided employment opportunities for over 10,000 families. Moreover, the company has invested in training African laborers to harness the potential of modern technology and state-of-the-art machinery.

With a strong commitment to supporting the local market, Twellium Industries sources raw materials from local farmers, empowering the African agricultural sector. Furthermore, the company takes its social corporate responsibility seriously through the initiatives of the Twellium Foundation, making substantial contributions to society.

Owned by Mr. Hussein Kesserwani and his brother Mr. Hassan Kesserwani, who have backgrounds in engineering and international business and were raised in the United States of America, Twellium Industrial Company Ltd is a multinational manufacturing company on a rapid growth trajectory. Their ambition is to promote African industrialization and elevate the perception of Made in Africa. They firmly believe in the potential of the African continent and aim to inspire more investors to recognize the abundant opportunities it presents.

Twellium’s remarkable success story is testament to the potential that lies within the African continent. By exemplifying excellence in manufacturing and contributing to the local and regional economies, Twellium Industrial Company Ltd is a shining example of the possibilities that can arise when belief and investment in Africa are combined.

Africa’s strength and potential as a fruitful continent are undeniable, and Twellium serves as a shining beacon of success. With continued support and belief in the capabilities of Africa, there is no limit to what the continent can achieve.