Samini Endorses DopeNation

Reggae-Dancehall artiste, Samini has endorsed multi-talented musical group DopeNation on his social media platform.

In a surprise tweet, the Reggae-Dancehall artist revealed the love he has for the Twin duo as a matter of their distinguishing traits to the new artists.

Samini Tweeted;I like these guys chale @GhDopeNation … dem get some kind vibe idk but #Akyesaaaaaaaaaaa check dem out folks.

DopeNation is made up of identical twin brothers, Micheal Boafo, popularly known as B2, and Tony Boafo, known as Twist. The duo has individually produced many hits including Ebony’s first hit song ‘Poison’ and Eazzy’s ‘Forever’ among others.

Popularly known for their hit song ‘Eish’, the duo is currently promoting their new song ‘Naami’ which means ‘See me’.

Check out Naami below.

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