Sourcecode Networks Releases Full Publicity Visuals On Their Operations (WATCH full video)

Sourcecode network Ghana Limited is a well known IT firm established in 2016 and has been in operation for 6 years and has served Ghanaians business with their solution oriented mechanism. Some well known institutions they have offered services to are Papa’s Pizza, Couple Christie, Kinship, Christ the king international, imperial picking and other renowned institutions.

Sourcecode Network Ghana limited host products and services on their platforms like,Shopdydy, Kode SMS etc. is an online food ordering platform where one finds their favorite pizza restaurant and other restaurants where one can order food from the comfort of one’s home. This can be done by logging unto

Shopdydy is an E-commerce platform where one can order various things like electronics, laptops, phones or anything one desires and has a flexible payment system where users can pay through bank cards or mobile money. Logging unto can give one variety access to goods.

Kode SMS is a bulk sms platforms where institutions (restaurants, schools,offices,churches etc) can send bulk sms to people at once and sign up through

Sourcecode Network Ghana Limited also have voice over services, call centers designed to improve customer services.

Other IT softwares are Attendance Biometric that uses Face ID and finger prints to check employees attendance and time one reports and leave work.

Sourcecode Network Ghana limited also deals in website development, web apps, website maintenance, app development on android or iPhone for schools, churches etc.

Watch full publicity on their operations (WATCH full video)