Testimony Of A Ghanaian About The New 112: Ghana Ambulance Service

A well-meaning Ghanaian citizen shares his experience with the new Ambulance service and also enumerated challenges faced as well as how we can resolve them. 
Read the full testimony below. 
”Well done, #Ghana_Ambulance
I am not a politician but a normal citizen of Ghana. My 1st time using the newly commissioned ambulance and just want to share my experience.

I received a call from my sister this dawn that she was sick and wanted me to take her to the hospital ( cocoa clinic). That’s her regular hospital.Upon arrival, she was almost unconscious and could barely move. So I put her in my car to the hospital. 

Upon 2nd thought, she could easily pass out in my car looking at the early morning traffic situation from Kasoa to kaneshie cocoa clinic. So I decided to pass by the ambulance station at kasoa(Awutu Senya East) for 1st aid. 

When I got there, they were preparing to change over for the morning shift to take over. One of the paramedics decided to go into my car with me to see the condition first. Once he saw her he said this could be fatal and needed emergency. He called in his other colleagues and quickly transferred her to the ambulance and started administering first aid whiles the other booked the necessary document for departure. 

The Paramedics decided we take her to the nearest polyclinic to stabilize her before we go to the cocoa clinic of which we did (Kasoa polyclinic). Two doctors came to the ambulance and administered some 1st aid. (Bravo kasoa polyclinic doctors)
On the road The siren started so other road users can give way for the ambulance. To my surprise, most drivers and pedestrians were reluctant to give way. 

At a point, the driver has to speak through the megaphone ‘ give way’ ‘move to the right and left’ ‘move’ before people actually gave way. We encounter people also trying to cross the road paying little attention to the ambulance with that speed. 
Road hawkers also cared less about the oncoming ambulance. The driver told me this is how people lose their lives in the ambulance whiles people refuse to give way. (What’s wrong with us… eeii drivers) Halfway through the journey, a private car decided to follow the ambulance with his hazards on just so he can beat the traffic. 
The ambulance driver gave him a warning signal before he stopped following us. The ambulance driver said this could be a security issue because you don’t know who is following you. 
He could be a murderer and if he persists he will signal any police to deal with him. Fortunately for him, he stopped. (Lucky man)
At the hospital 
We finally got to the hospital and called for assistance. To my dismay most of the nurses were adamant. 
So the paramedics have to go in to tell whoever was in charge that they had brought in an emergency. A nurse later came in to ask tones of questions as if that will heal her. 

I was really angry at this point but the paramedics asked me to calm down. The paramedics brought her out on the ambulance stretcher and took her to the emergency unit. A doctor came in to do some preliminary tests and requested for some other tests to be done. 
I then told the paramedics to leave because some other patients may need their service. 

They said they have to make sure she is well stabilized and has a bed to sleep on before they leave in case she has to be transferred to another hospital. 
After some minutes of dull things at the hospital, we got a bed and the paramedics bid us farewell to leave.
1. Ghana is working again with this revived ambulance system. Very professional paramedics who I think to love the job. Kudos to the ambulance paramedics. I hope your salaries are nice like you people ( hahahahha)
2. A lot of education needs to be done for road users. We need to respect the siren and better still force people to respect the siren. A soldier can be on board and give a hot slap to anyone who disobeys the siren. Oh yes
3. Emergency cases at the hospital should be treated as such. The slow-motion actions with the question and answers are too much.
Big up to Ghana ambulance. In fact, you do all. In funny face’s voice ‘ ego ova u’