Trust Fund Gathers ¢8.75m From Donations – Prez Akufo-Addo

Trust Fund Gathers ¢8.75m From Donations – Akufo-Addo

The President whilst speaking in televised address has disclosed that government the Covid-19 National Trust Fund has so far received a total sum of GH¢8.75 million in as a donation from the public. And also added that the amount also includes US$600,000.

The president commended Ghanaians by saying, “I am very grateful to the individuals and institutions who have also responded to my appeal for donations which has been established to fight against the virus, and to assist the welfare of the needy and the vulnerable.
A total amount of GH¢8.75million, which includes US$600,000 has been received so far for this purpose..
I am happy that so many of my appointees of my government have also donated their salaries to the fund.

He also applauded Ghanaians for heeding to the call for support which is meant to help the vulnerable and those who will be hit hard by the measures adopted to combat the virus in Ghana.