Turning Ada Land Deserts Into Thriving Salt Mines: McDan Group And Electrochem Ghana’s Remarkable Project.”

The McDan Group and Electrochem Ghana Limited have collaborated on a transformative project to modernize the salt mining operations in the Ada Desert, turning it into a state-of-the-art facility known as the Songor Salt Mining.

Daniel McKorley

During an exceptional tour of the extensive Electro Chem Industries Limited facilities, the Ga-Dangbe Journalists Association was granted an exclusive glimpse into an ambitious endeavor poised to become the largest salt manufacturing plant in Africa.

This groundbreaking project, with Songor Salt at its core, boasts an impressive four-decade history of salt production. It’s a subsidiary of the esteemed McDan Group of companies.

This initiative aims to revolutionize traditional salt production methods in the area, bringing advanced technology and sustainable practices to enhance efficiency and increase production.



By harnessing modern techniques, these companies are contributing to economic growth and job creation while preserving the environment and local ecosystem in the Ada Desert region.

The project represents a significant step towards the development of the salt industry in Ghana and the promotion of sustainable, high-quality salt production.


Electrochem Ghana Limited, the newly appointed developers of the Ada Songhor Salt Project, have ambitious plans to increase salt production at the facility to one million metric tonnes per year, aiming to establish Ghana as the top salt producer in West Africa.

Gadangbe Journalist Association

Story by: GhMusicHype