WATCH : Tinny Introduced Vybz Flair And Performed With Him Together

Bardman Family CEO and one of the Ga best rappers of all time Tinny was at the just ended “Achimota At Da World Concert” to support his brother Rootikal Da Swagger which was held in Achimota. Tinny Introduced fast and rising dance-hall artist Vybz Flair as the baddest act in Ghana.

One would be wondering who the harmonious artist is? To rescue you from the suspense and unanswered questions, he goes by name Ransford Nii Adom Amartei, know as by his stage name as Vybz Flair a prospect Dance-hall kingpin.

Vybz Flair has released couples of singles such as Gbelemo, Grigizabayanki, Osu Boy, etc and they all making waves both on the streets and on radio. It’s a very big recognition when a legendary endorsed u it’s uplift the energy in you. So just anticipate for him and follow his works on all social media @Vybzflair .

Watch the video below as they freestyle and performed togther :

Story Written By : GhMusicHype

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